Greasy handprints on my heart

As the mom of a boy I know the struggle of sweaty hair and stinky feet . I always joke that little boys smell like wet dogs . They run and play as kids and and if not watched closely they will probably wear dirty underwear or socks to school . Jake is one the “boyest” boys I know , always stinks like sweat and as he grew up the sweat smell was traded for grease and diesel fuel as he walk arond in his muddy cowboy boots and dirty ballcap  .  His truck has a very distink smell that is all his own to where every hoodie he owns now smells like it .  When he was a  little boy I spent endless hours cleaning  his dirty handprints from every light switch and door frame or even walls and I always complained . As a man he has now left a pattern of greasy handprints on every flat surface he touched at my house and his and it wasn’t until I no longer had anymore handprints to clean did I miss them the most .  Of course the smells are missed also and when I climb up into his truck and I smell him it makes me smile . I still have hoodies that haven’t been washed and they are comforting to me at times but for some reason those dam greasy handprints are what I miss the most . Had I known then what Iknow now I wouldnt have cleaned that last set off of my walls , instead I woudl have left them so that I could always see them and shake my head as I have for 20 years now after he touches everything after working on his truck or just when he is stinky Jake .   I guess the moral of the story is let them leave dirty handprints on your walls and the edge of every door rather they be 4 years old or 20 years old let them be boys .  I have a very special set of greasy handprints that I will forever treasure and I will never complain about it again . Those handprints are memories in the making and some day when they are grown and gone you will miss them . Don’t sweat the small stuff . if they want to run through the mud and ruin a brand new pair of tennis shoes its ok . frustrating yes , but still ok you will laugh about it later . If they break the front window throwing a ball just be glas they weren’t hurt and of course punish them but remember they are kids and learning to grow up . Jake on the other hand has been honery from day one and as a 20 year old grown ass man he acts like a child some days and now I know that that is ok also , Don’t take everyday so seriously and allow some things to slide and pick our battles . Not everything has to be crucial . Please take my advice knowing what we are going through and how close Jake and I are . If I could go back now and redo a few things I would but I can’t .  The next time you see a set of greasy handprints on your wall remember that mine are all gone and smile at the memory that was made while they were getting so dirty . The next set of muddy boot prints on your kitchen floor are from them following some adventure and not lookin down at and worrying about the mud , just having fun .  The stinky boy setting next to you on the couch will soon be a grown man and you will miss the little things so don’t push them away now be thankful that you have them .  Until next time I am wishing all of you many more greasy handprints and dirty floors .

Jakes Mom