Tell me what it’s like.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you constantly and I have so many questions .  They say you are in a better place, heaven ? some wierd inner space thing ? caught between reality and a beautiful place that is perfect ?  I just want to know what it’s like . Is there a sky ? , is it cold  ?, is it always light out ? , do you sleep ?  I know they say heaven is this perfect oasis where there is no pain and no suffering , Is that true ?  Is there a schedule ? do you get to be free and have fun or is there someone watching you to be sure you dont break any of the sacred rules ? are there rules ? Is there a punisher that lets you know you aren’t  being a good “angel” ?  Whatever the answers are I hope you are OK and happy . I hope you have found your spot where you are comfortable and with others just like you and get to have fun and free from trouble .  I can’t help but think of the things you do all day to fill your time . if there is even time ? . Are they teaching you how to make the lights flicker so that we know you are around ? or is that something I picked up from a movie and believe it to be true ?  I know you are around because I see it all the time and it always makes me smile when I notice one of your shinanigans !  I am proud you are my angel no matter how honery you get and I hope someday they give you the “angel of the month ” parking spot right up front of the gates . I love you and keep up the good work and be sure to save my spot right next to yours .

Love Mom