Still an empty chair .

The holidays are right around the corner and we still have an empty chair.  It is the one that would have been for  Jake. The turkey has been  bought and the tree is going up and yet it is all still surreal that we are again having to do this without our boy yet here we are . Please do me a favor this season and remember not everyone gets everything on their christmas list no matter how nice they have been all year .  I now see the holiday season differently in the fact that it isn’t about the gifts or the decorations rather it is about time spent and memories made . Do yourselves a favor and take the time to laugh this year and take pleanty of photos , maybe start a new tradition or just take the extra time to give someone a call and have a conversation .   Speaking only for myself , although I truly appreciate all the times someone asks how I’m doing and checking in on us sometimes it’s hard enough to put on the brave face and maintain , again me personally , the questions bring a huge wave of sadness as I face the hard times and I’d rather not answer the same questions numerous times because I’m telling you now that I will be lying to you .  I will keep it short and simple this post . Everyone hug eachother and love eachother and enjoy your families this holiday season and remember it isnt about what is under your tree or on your table but more so who is setting around them  . On another note , if anyone has the direct number to Santa Clause please tell him the only thing I ask for this year is for one more day .  I love you all and if I dont speak to you personally before hand have a happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas from our home to yours . Jingle bells and don’t forget to hang the mistletoe !!

Jakes Mom.   #143