I am strong enough to be your mom

It takes a special woman to raise a boy .  It’s not for the faint of heart thats for sure .  starting from day one we have to learn how not to get shot in the face at diaper changing time and keep the thing under control which is wierd all in it’s self .  Then comes the snuggles and then BOOM almost instantly a mommas boy is forever .  When I say I am strong enough to be your mom I simply mean you threw hundreds of test my way regardless of the circumstance I survived it unconditionally .  I am always proud to be your mom beginning from the yearly T shirts with your name and number on the back while at your sporting events all the way up to standing on the sideline unable to breath watching you leave the gate and burn up the track on a dirtbike as a grown man .  Never would I change a thing .  If there ever were a stitch of trouble to get into you found it , countless calls fron the principals office , numerous calls to mom to bring the gas can on the side of the road , as a grown man asking for a special dinner or simply just to have a pizza sent to your house , And I never hestitate,  why?  because I am your mom .  I didn’t go through all of the ups and downs and the silent heart attacks while letting you be a boy to ever let you down .  If there is one thing I that I want to thank you for it is for making me as strong as  I am by raising you . You never took it easy on me that’s for sure ! I am grateful for that now that I need it the most , you prepped me for this , you knew I would crumble and yet in some strange way you took care of me just as much as I did you . Now that I will drive your truck and walk by your pictures in the hall everyday I can’t help but smile and gleam with pride everytime someone speaks your name .  It has takin me over a year to realize and process what has happened and I am taking all of it as it comes and not letting it beat me up because that is not what you taught me to do .  I will make you as proud of me as you make me proud of you  , I will never give up and I will keep my word to never let you down . I couldn’t have done it without you son .  I love you and until I get there … save my spot .

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