It’s a simple message .

Money can’t save you ….  I have mentioned before that the M.A.D.D. program has contacted me numerous times about speaking at public events and setting on a discussion board for other families going through the struggle of loosing a child and I was totally in for anything I could do to help others .  I continued to get the emails and they all had one thing in common , The always asked for money . I understand it is for the program but why must it always be about money ?  Why shouldn’t it be about the emotional support ? The money they collect isn’t going to save anyone from dying in a drunk driving accident , It is going to pad the bank account of those running the corporate office .  I recieved one particular email promoting the blower system that stops the car from starting if you had been drinking . NEWS FLASH  they don’t work . They can be unplugged or someone else can blow in it for you . And the places you take them monthly for a check up  are a joke , just  find one with  someone you know who does the check and guess what , you will always get a clean report . The program is searching for money for said blower systems and I can’t help but shake my head .  My point is the court system make these blowers very expensive as  a punishment and for most they can help but for those few that figure it out still are at risk .  And then there are the kids that have a history of drunk driving and they have no license yet still drive a vehicle  with  or without a blower and then someone else gets in the vehicle with them and they are the ones that end up being killed .  I understand that these programs have been around for many many years and I’m sure have  been very proactive in their efforts for awareness but I would like to shed some light on reality .  The fake models posing on the posters in school hallways are sweet and all but they don’t show real life . The reality is drinking happens and will continue to happen and the only way to stop drunk driving accident is to NOT drink and drive , period .  Instead of hanging posters  that noone pays attention too anyway why not make an arrangement with the cab companies to offer free rides or make it cool again to be the DD ?  I cant’ set here and be the hypocrite and claim to have never drivin after a few drinks because I have . I am writing this post after recieving three more emails this morning and it triggered a fire that irritated me .   When I said I wanted to tell Jakes story I meant that I wanted to always make sure all of you reading this are safe and remember it can happen to you .  I always end these blog post with ” If you drink please don’t drive “, that is my message .  There are no amounts of programs or blowers or fines that can stop us from loosing our kids or loved ones there is only one true way to stop it , DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE .  I appreciate being concidered for the M.A.D.D programs and for them reaching out to me but I can’t help but think there so many other ways to reach out on a personal level and get into the circles closest to us and keep it from a corporate level and reach as many as we can locally so that we can see the difference we are making instead of just recieving a tax write off .  Each and everyone of you know how I feel and how much my soul is crushed without Jake and  I can’t say it enough and I won’t force it down your throats .  All I ask is for you all to keep eachother safe and if someone tells you not to drive or offers you a ride take it ! I love you all and stay safe this weekend .

If you drink please don’t drive .

Jakes Mom