Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know it is a very busy time   but  I have just one wish that I hope you can hear .

One simple  wish I want for this year.

I wish you could reach into your big magic  sack ,

and grant me the  wish  to bring  my son back .

I know that isn’t possible so I won’t even try .

I’ll just  be patient and watch you  arrive .

I don’t need anything fancy that has a bow or  will shine .

Instead I’ll just stay warm and drink my share of  wine .

Stay in my jammies and laugh at the fam

While listening to christmas music cause that is my jam !

You only come but one time  a year .

So this time may the sweets to not go to my rear.

It’s going to be cold so rule of thumb .

Drink your eggnog and spice it with rum .

Mark your list and check it twice .

And rememeber Santa ,   we tried to be nice .

So until next year you jolly fat man.

we are not perfect but we do what we can .

Your reindeer are drunk and ready to go .

While the elves all chant Dam , Ho Ho Ho .

Safe travels to you on this cold winter night .

Rudolph is naked screaming “Bitch I Might”

So from our house to yours .

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night !